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Salesforce CPQ implementation to improve quote-to-cash adoption.

November 14, 2023
2 mins read.

What was the requirement?

The client needed a tailored CPQ implementation to simplify the quote creation process. Additionally, they were seeking support in tracking product sales, costs, and revenue for accounting purposes. They also required assistance in organizing their extensive product catalog and making product navigation and search more user-friendly.

Our Solution

During our first discovery session, we worked closely with our clients to identify areas that needed improvement in order to enhance their overall experience. Our objective is to provide expert consultation and work alongside our clients to build a strong partnership. We strive to offer solutions that not only meet their needs but also ensure their satisfaction with the end result.

To achieve this goal, we employ several tools and techniques, such as:

  • Utilizing a CPQ configuration workbook to help categorize the product catalog, deduplicate, consolidate, and clean up the product catalog.
  • Optimizing product selection rules and price rules to improve the user experience and product selection process.
  • Creating a custom section on the quote template to dynamically add content based on client business rules.
  •  Developing a custom calculator plugin to simplify complex calculations and support specific business cases.

Implementation Process

  • Our team has implemented a clear structure and hierarchy for their products..
  • We have also developed a guided product selection process for the sales representatives, which streamlines the quote creation process.
  • To ensure the adoption of CPQ quote-to-cash, we follow and suggest the best practices.
  • Additionally, we provide key fields and incorporate calculations to ensure that the necessary information is provided to the accounting team.
  • Moreover, we have designed a custom quote template to enhance the customer experience.
  • We had working sessions with the client to collaborate on the design and train them to use Salesforce CPQ and configure and maintenance their product.

Realized Results

Following the implementation, the company successfully streamlined the quote-to-cash process, resulting in faster deal closures. Sales representatives were provided with a tool to create accurate quotes and a customize template, which led to increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, the solution offered real-time visibility into the opportunity pipeline, allowing the company to proactively manage resources and boost overall operational efficiency.

Carlos Vásquez