Industry: Maintenance and Remodeling (Construction)

Improve Field Service Operations with Salesforce Field Service Lightning

October 12, 2023
2 mins read.

What was the requirement?

A large Maintenance and Remodeling company wanted to improve their field service operations. They had a team of technicians who performed general repairs and maintenance at customer sites. However, their current process was paper-based and resulted in a lot of inefficiencies, including delays in scheduling, lack of visibility into technician availability, challenges in tracking and managing inventory.

Our Solution

We recommended implementing Salesforce Field Service Lightning solution, which is a comprehensive platform for managing field service operations. The solution includes features such as scheduling and dispatching, mobile workforce management, real-time visibility, service reports generations, defined work plans to help the technicians follow the correct process and inventory management.

Implementation Process

We worked with the company to understand their existing processes and requirements. We then configured the solution to meet their specific needs, including customizing the scheduling and dispatching workflows, integrating with their existing inventory management system, and providing training to their team of technicians.

Realized results

Once implemented, the company was able to streamline their field service operations, resulting in faster response times, increased technician utilization, and improved customer satisfaction. The solution also provided real-time visibility into field operations, allowing the company to proactively manage inventory and improve overall operational efficiency.

Carlos Vásquez